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A HOLE IN MY HEART: ADULT CHILDREN OF DIVORCE SPEAK OUT (Simon & Schuster; Fireside paperback, 1991)

The effects of divorce resonate in the lives of children, and then adults, long after the initial trauma has passed. A Hole in My Heart chronicles the anguish of over fifty adult children of divorce ranging in age from mid-twenties to early seventies. Many struggle with self-esteem, have difficulty committing to relationships, see their sexuality as a matter of control. Others learned to re-examine their experience to positive effect. They are often independent, ambitious, and empathic.

“A benchmark in the emerging literature on what I and others have been calling ‘children of trauma.’ Factual, comprehensive, and well researched, this ground-breaking work offers meaning and hope for adults caught in the crossfire of parental trauma.”

--Herbert L.Gravitz, Ph.D., author of Recovery: A Guide for Adult Children of Alcoholics

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